How to Monetize your Blog Part 1

So, you are done with  your first website?

Let us now study how we can monetize our Blog by subscribing to Google Adsense.  One important thing that  you should consider though, make sure that  you have good contents in your site and you are the rightful owner of all that is within it.  Make sure not to violate any of Google's Terms and Conditions about Adsense to keep your account active and running.

It is very easy to overlooked this aspect.  Personally, I overlooked it at first.  When I went back to read the guidelines Google have imposed, I realized that I cannot pose Ads in other languages not supported by Google.  This Lessons where all in Tagalog from the Beginning.   But after reading Google's Guidelines in the Ads implementation, I revised all tagalog texts to English to be in compliance.

Let us start, play the video below to learn how to subscribe for Google Adsense.