Lesson 2 - Creating a Blog with Blogger Part 2

This video is a continuation of Lesson 1 which follows after we have subscribed and created our Google Account.

Designing your website is very easy in Blogger.  The Blogger Dashboard is so well organized that you can easily master it in minutes.  I can say that maybe after 30 minutes of using this application, you will be comfortable with it already.   Another good thing or advantage in using blogger is the monetizing part.  Blogger is already equipped with Adsense Gadget where you can easily link to your Adsense Account and make money.  Cool, isn't it?

Another thing that is worth note taking, is that you can create as many blog site or website in your single Blogger Account.  Better?  Of course!  That means easy management of your blogs, more free blogs for you, and more blog variations you can create.

Go ahead and see the videos on some basic manipulations that you can do with Blogger.