The quickest way to start a blog

So, you want to know The quickest way to start a blog?

There are quite a number of free CMS (Content Management System) available in the web but they differ in their interface. Some of them requires programming skills, complicated operations, and not all can be comfortable for you.
Hmmm., therefore if you ask me, what is the

quickest way to start a blog?

Well, if you are starting from scratch and you are totally zero in Web Development, use Blogger. Visit to get started. Why blogger? Just watch the video below and see how you can easily start your blog site.
It is also easy to Monetize your site because blogger can be easily enrolled when you have a google account. It is easy to link your Google Adsense and other google tools to work with Blogger.

Blogger is much recommended for Newbies especially in monetizing concerns. By simply creating a Google Account, you can easily integrate other Products like Google Adsense, Google Docs, Google Feedburner, Gmail, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords, and many more. Monetizing a Blogger site is easier. Blogger is Free and specifically designed for blogging. Click How to start a blog to visit related tutorials.